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Special applications

Besides the main applications of rockfall protection, rock/ slope stabilization and avalanche protection, our systems are also deployed for special applications.

If a landslide (Fig. 3) is caused by saturated unconsolidated rock, ISOSTOP is the most effective safeguard against this. Installed in stream beds or gullies, ISOSTOP diagonal wire rope nets effectively stop any landslides that occur there (Fig. 2).

Our systems have also proven to be ideal barriers against sliding tree trunks (Fig. 4), snow pressure (Fig. 5) and debris (Fig. 6).

The catching of material is indeed a wide area of activity covered by PFEIFER ISOFER AG systems, but it is not the only one. The bridging of long ravines is also one of the applications of the diagonal net. Due to the high max. load of the nets, suspension bridges above 50 m can be realised (Fig. 1).