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Rockfall protection

The main features of the rockfall protection system from PFEIFER ISOFER AG

Thanks to the dimensionally stable diagonal mesh, the double parallel rope guide and the linear force of the brakes, the ISOSTOP systems can also absorb high energies with low anchoring forces. Unlike ring nets, the diagonal wire rope nets can be reused a number of times.

Diagonal wire rope net

The net made from wire ropes, fixed diagonally with elastic, rope-protecting cross clamps, is installed as a slack net in the ISOSTOP and ISOSTOP E systems. This allows improved adaptation to the terrain while allowing a safe retention of stones and rocks because the stones cannot get over or pass under the net. Additionally, the slack net guarantees substantial energy dissipation due to the movements in the system itself.

Rope guidance

Besides the simple rope guidance that is predominantly used in the low energy classes, we also use the double parallel rope guidance in our systems. This rope guidance of the upper and lower track ropes enables the forces on the net from incursion to be transferred to the brake elements in the adjacent area, allowing proper functioning as well as easy retensioning of the ropes after the impact, or – if necessary – simple, quick and unproblematic replacement of the brake elements.

Brake element

The key element of the ISOSTOP and ISOSTOP E systems is the brake element – developed by ISOFER – with linear force progression across the entire braking distance. Its simple construction allows simple, quick and unproblematic replacement of the brake elements after successful braking if necessary.