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Rock and slope stabilization

The main features of the ISOFIX system

  • The dimensionally stable diagonal wire rope net as known from the ISOSTOP rockfall protection system is used.
  • The rope diameter and mesh size are determined by the engineer and the anticipated loads.
  • Combination with the diagonal netting supports the protective effect against small-volume pieces.
  • For less demanding requirements, covering with steel netting is sufficient.
  • The individual nets are "sewn" together with a wire rope which means the entire net surface is therefore completely closed.
  • Various applications are available. The nets can either be installed directly on the ground or with additional spacing to the ground.


The ISOFIX system can be used in a wide range of different applications, e.g. against the loosening or breaking out of rock, as well as for general applications such as the securing of slopes, protecting against erosion or against icefalls.

Application examples