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Avalanche protection

Avalanche protection systems have the task of preventing the breaking away of avalanches or restricting developing snow movements – they can never be completely prevented – to a harmless level. Avalanche protection nets, such as our ISOLA-NETZ system, are technically on a par with the snow bridge and snow rake systems. The foundations are decisive for every system and, therefore, thorough checks of the geology are a part of the most important project planning work.

From an environmental perspective, avalanche protection nets offer substantial advantages:

  • they fit very well into the landscape, especially important in areas visited by tourists
  • due to their flexible construction, they are less prone to damage from dynamic loads and can also be used in areas with a high risk of stone impact.
  • their weight is considerably less and they can be flown pre-assembled to the installation sites, which substantially reduces the costs for installation and transport.



The main features of the ISOLA-NETZ avalanche protection system

The set-up of the systems is modular and repeats field by field.
The main components are the net, the supports and the connecting structure.

  • Net
    The entire net is comprised of triangular steel wire rope nets with crossover clamps. On request, a full-surface or strip-type diagonal wire netting can be secured on the side of the net facing the mountain.
  • Supports
    Round pendulum tubular steel pillars, which are connected with the ground via a base plate, are used. This allows mobility of the supports around their own axis.
  • Connecting structure
    It is comprised of steel wire ropes, calculated and dimensioned so that the strains, transferred by the net are evenly distributed in the system and diverted into the ground via the anchoring.

The certification features

Depending on the height of the net (Dk) and the geomorphological characteristics of the terrain (N,Ψ e FC), the ISOLA-NETZ systems are classified by structure type, according to the following parameters:

Effective net height
Glide factor
Inclination of the slope
Altitude factor
2,5 2,5
45° 1,10
4,0 2,5

The listed systems are inspected according to the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment entitled "Avalanche defence structures in avalanche starting zones" and are approved as an avalanche system for subsidised construction projects.